CSG is a Leading Contract and Direct Technical Staffing Agency

As a leader among technical staffing agencies on Long Island and nationally, CSG truly owns the expertise and experience to get the job done right every single time.

CSG is an industry-recognized contract and direct staffing services provider to Engineering and Manufacturing companies of every size, scope and service since 1990. Our company specializes in providing Technical Engineering and Manufacturing talent to corporations in both the private and public sectors. As the leader among staffing agencies on Long Island, CSG possesses the expertise and experience required to successfully match talented professionals with contract positions, temp jobs, temp-to-hire opportunities and direct staffing positions nationwide. These individuals all meet or exceed today’s most critical “on demand” resource requirements. Our rich history of consistently satisfying the most basic requirements to the minutest specifications in all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing trades is widely recognized and respected by major industry leaders across the United States.

CSG’s specialty areas include: Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Management, Design, Assembly, Quality, Test and associated disciplines. We provide commercial and government contractors, manufacturers and agencies, as well as engineering companies, with on-target talent for accomplishing project workloads, milestones and end goals.

As the recognized leader among staffing agencies on Long Island CSG locates highly qualified talent thereby creating prime opportunities for both businesses and job-seekers. This feature underscores CSG’s value and defines our corporate staffing solutions as the hiring decision maker’s clear choice. We provide an outstanding service and a simplified recruiting process with the utmost respect and attention to individual, department and company-wide needs. If you are part of a business seeking top tier talent, we will offer prime candidates. If you are an applicant seeking the perfect fit, we will provide you with exciting opportunities. As a top-grade staffing services provider on Long Island, we are fueled by our drive to develop relationships, strengthen productivity as well as identify, evaluate and adopt industry best practices. Our professionalism, veracity and dedication allow us to influence workforce integrity, eradicate costly hiring mistakes. CSG capitalizes on providing highly selective exposure for both applicants and businesses seeking only the best candidates that their respective fields have to offer.

CSG bridges the gap between refined talent and the hiring decision-makers seeking only the optimal choice for any open position. This synergy creates an incredible opportunity for both businesses and job-seekers, providing the perfect connection for both temporary and permanent jobs and job seekers nationwide.

Allow us to take on the crucial role of Human Resources support to provide the finest in Long Island staffing agencies services. Contact us at our Corporate Headquarters today by calling (631) 475-7900 or by emailing us at info@csgjobs.com.