Manufacturing Technical Recruiters

CSG’s recruiters are experts in the field of Engineering and manufacturing staffing.CSG builds valuable professional connections and provides ideal career placement opportunities.

We Understand Your Industry

The production of goods is a synthesis of procedures from conceptualization to execution and marketing. CSG’s manufacturing recruiters know that the process of transforming raw material into finished goods requires both highly efficient and proficient technical manufacturing professionals to succeed.

With an understanding of our clients’ individual requirements, we place managerial engineers to oversee operations, ensuring profitability, quality control, policies, and most important, safety. CSG also recruits machinists who utilize technical drawings and operate specialized tools to manufacture parts for partially or completely finished goods. We attract talented manufacturing engineers who design products and goods those who create and/or improve the efficiency of the Engineering through manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability.

CSG’s manufacturing recruiters represent the bridge between applicant and employer. Our Engineering and manufacturing recruiters possess the proficiency and proven manufacturing placement record through a thorough grasp of the industry and knowledge of current manufacturing trends. This outstanding service is provided with an unparalleled respect and undivided attention to individual, department and company needs. These qualities enable us to discover and present the right candidate for the right position in this highly competitive and wide-ranging sector.

Our distinct professionalism and dedication assist hiring professionals to avoid costly personnel mistakes. We manage an ever growing enviable talent pool that recruits and attracts top applicants to capitalize on exposure for both job-seeking professionals and applicant-seeking businesses. Contact our expert technical manufacturing recruiters today at our Corporate Headquarters by calling (631) 475-7900 or emailing