CSG Jobs’ Staffing: Engineered to Excel

CSG possesses the success-driven combination of engineering staffing agencies’ experience and commitment to attract and place the best engineering candidates.

Engineering incorporates highly-specialized elements of science, mathematics and economics across a host of highly-specialized fields. Engineering’s skilled technologists build and maintain complex processes and systems, machines and structures. However the common denominator across these fields is an individual focus on a specific area of technology and technological applications.

The unemployment rate for engineers can be as low as 2%. However as the engineering industry continues to expand, choosing the right position becomes more difficult – and more important. CSG’s insight, experience, and passion for recruitment and fulfillment will benefit both engineering professionals and the companies who hire them to ensure sound placement and future success. The engineering recruiters at CSG Jobs are acutely aware of the requirements for every career opening. They take pride in their consultant skills and applicant roster to ensure an ideal job placement.

The fields of Aerospace,Avionics,Electronics and Industrial engineering possess their own unique challenges that are best met with the right engineering staffing agencies’ industry knowledge, connections, and pool of talented professionals.  Partner with us by phoning our engineering staffing agency recruiters at (631) 475-7900 or by emailing info@csgjobs.com.