Job: VP of RF Engineering

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V.P of RF Engineering

Experienced individual needed for executive leadership role in the conceptualization, design, development, and testing of RF, microwave, analog systems and circuits intended for commercial, industrial, federal, and military markets. Products will include ECM, Radar, IFF, Communications, Microwave Instrumentation Systems, EW Simulators, Satcom LOS Receivers and Transmitters. Responsibilities range from the marketing stage, proposal stage, and production-support, engineering including system analysis, design, prototype study, final design and program support.

Management and Technical administration of an RF Engineering Department. Involved in overall management and operational/technical guidance for Engineering, design development, marketing, and support of Sales.

This individual will be responsible for generation and direction of proposals, quotations and the review and modifications of contracts and customer contact.

Participation in the design and development of Radar-Warning Receivers, Jammers, and related systems. Programs include MMIC applications in microwave components and in the development of frequency-agile microwave sources (original concepts involving state-of-the-art Frequency-Lock Loops).

As an Engineering leader and technical executive, you will be responsible for development of products synthesized LOS for point-to-point digital radio, synthesized LOS for Satcom systems, Coherent (MTI) Radar, Master Oscillator and Frequency-Synthesized Radar Exciters with state-of-the-art phase noise.

Design and develop for sections of Receivers and Transmitters, various RF and microwave sub-assemblies and components, Sampling Phase Detectors, low-noise Crystal Oscillators, low-noise and wideband VCOs, Amplifiers, pulsed RF Sources, precision RF Detectors, Log-Video and Log-IF Amplifiers, switching-mode Power Supplies, various Frequency Synthesizer and Spectrum Analyzer circuits, multi-decade broadband microwave Noise Generators, automatic Noise Figure Monitors, wideband precision RF Pulse Modulators (10 MHz to 4 GHz), Pm Switches, Filters, etc.

Ideal candidate will be a technical liaison and project leader in several large and small programs with responsibilities ranging from the overall system design to interfacing with customers as well as government ranking officials.

Skills required:

Management and Technical leadership of a Engineering Department. Skilled at building an Engineering team, mentoring, and training. Focus on business aspects of engineering activities. Proposals. Analysis, system and circuit design.

Skilled in design and development including Radar, Communications, Power Supplies, Receivers, Transmitters, and particularly Phase Noise of RF and microwave Sources. Feedback Control Systems, linear and non-linear. Frequency-Lock, Phase-Lock, AGC. Frequency stability. Derivation of requirements and synthesis of optimum system: Radar, Communications, and Metrology.


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Engineering Management, Northeast