Job: Touch Up/Hand Solderer

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Rockledge, FL

Job Description

Primarily responsible for performing touch-up hand soldering to comply with J-STD-001 and IPC610/620 standards. Understands the hand soldering process and able to make good judgment concerning good and bad solder joints. Uses care in the operation of soldering irons, other hand tools, and understands safety issues related to hand soldering in the workplace.

Role qualifications:
• Must be able to solder to J-STD-001 Class II and III.
• Must be able to perform repetitive assembly tasks with accuracy and dexterity.
• Must be able to read and interpret industry standards, engineering drawings and specifications.
• Must have basic computer proficiency.

• A high school diploma/equivalent with minimum 5 years soldering/rework soldering experience to J-STD-001 Class II and III.

Essential Job Functions:
• Solders to IPC-610/620 and J-STD-001 workmanship criteria (Class II & Class III).
• Solders electronic components/wires to circuit board.
• Perform rework to IPC-7711 & 7721 standards.
• Assembles small wires to and/or screw in hardware to circuit board assemblies.
• Participates in company or special training classes with emphasis on employee improvement.
• Ensures work area is kept clean and safety rules are followed.
• Perform other reasonable duties as assigned.
• Regular attendance.

Essential skills and experience:
• Ability to orally communicate well with management/peers.
• Ability to identify components and component values.
• Ability to follow work instructions.
• Ability to follow direction from management.
• Solders to J-STD-001 Class II and III.
• Reworks to IPC-7711 & 7721.
• Ability to work well independently and within a team.
• Ability to learn through shadowing and following documented procedures.
• Commitment to company values.
• Strong computer proficiency: ability to learn and use ERP system.
• Experience soldering fine-pitched parts preferred.

Nonessential skills and experience:
• Working knowledge of ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485.
• Current IPC-610/J-STD certification.

Physical demands and work environment:

Physical demands: while performing the duties of this job, employee is required to walk, sit, use computer and may interact with employees. Sitting most shift with use of soldering iron, solder, flux and other necessary chemicals/tools for soldering. May be required to lift up to 5 pounds. May lift trays or push carts of PCB assemblies from one department to another.

• Work environment: while performing the duties of this job, employee will be in a manufacturing floor setting under fluorescent lighting and company radio.

Working Conditions:
Standard shift M-F from 7:00am – 3:30pm.
Able to work OT when needed.


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Job ID: 17305


Solderer, Southeast