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Shirley, NY

Job Description

Responsible for initial Turn-on, Trimming and Troubleshooting of Hybrid DC to DC converters and switching power supplies.

Essential Functions:

1. Set-up a test bench with all the necessary test equipment to test any unit.

2. Perform initial turn-on of all units entering the test department from production manufacturing (First Test).

3. Test all DC to DC converter and power supply electrical parameters on a manual test fixture.

4. Measure resistances, capacitors, voltages, waveforms, etc. inside of a Hybrid to ensure proper circuit function.

5. Trim resistors to adjust voltages to meet the test requirements (at all temperatures) of the Unit Under Test.

6. Troubleshoot and identify the malfunction so the unit can be repaired to comply with the test parameters of that particular model.

7. Choose SAT values to ensure proper operation of various circuits within the Unit Under Test.

8. Perform all essential and secondary functions of a tester when necessary (e.g. running automated test equipment).

Education, Experience and Skills Required:


Ability to read schematic and Assembly drawings Organization

Good dexterity to probe within Hybrid circuits Ability to Work Under Pressure

Working knowledge of all associated test equipment Multitasking

Oral and written communication skills Time Management

Basic Math skills, know Ohm’s Law Reading Skills

Ability to work under a microscope Basic Computer Skills


Associates Degree in Electronics

3-5 years experience as a bench technician

Knowledge of DC-DC converters and Power supply circuits

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Northeast, Technician