Job: Process Engineer

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Bohemia, NY

Job Description


Primary/Essential Duties:
1. Design: Assist with new product development and provide support for the timely fabrication of new products.
2. Leadership: Provide technical direction to Technicians and Interns. Research new technology and assist in bringing new technical capability to our clients Manufacturing or Outsource Partners.
3. Optimize: Assist the design team in developing creative approaches that favorably optimize design trade offs for various elements of a design such as product cost, performance, feature set, time to market, and technical risk.
4. Production Support: Provide day-to-day Process Engineering support to all areas of the company (Engineering, Product Development, Procurement, Manufacturing and Product Assurance). This includes daily oversight of production processes with a focus towards improving Productivity either through process enhancements or automation. Seek out bottle necks in the process flow with goal of a balance manufacturing process. Take a proactive approach to trouble shooting, and provide timely resolution of production issues in an effort to support the on-time and cost efficient shipment of quality products. This may also include assisting in the evaluation and disposition of discrepant materials at Incoming Inspection and Manufacturing.
5. Planning: Develop plans, schedules, and identify resources required to develop and introduce new processes in a timely fashion.
6. Innovation: Research and Conceive methods for achieving product requirements and specifications using appropriate design, process, manufacturing and mechanical techniques.


Secondary Duties:

1. Industry Standard Participation: Participate in technical meetings with various standards settings associations to contribute to standards development and/or to report on issues that may influence our clients business or technical direction.
2. Supplier Audits: Visit, review and report on suppliers’ facilities, capabilities and/or processes.
3. Customer Support: Support Applications Engineering or Product Assurance staff to solve technical problems relating to the use of our clients products in customers systems at customers’ facilities.
4. Competitive Analysis: Research the competitive market landscape for processes, materials, or equipment that could advance our clients technology and product offerings.
5. Vendor Selection: Work with other departments as appropriate to lead vendor or engineering outsource selection decisions based on uniform technical performance, risk and cost tradeoffs.
6. Continuous Improvement: Research, develop, evaluate and/or implement new methods, processes, techniques, tools, components, or technology that improve quality, timeliness and/or performance of our clients products or the efficiency or cost effectiveness of our clients engineering work.
7. Planning: Identify risk areas and recommend contingency plans to eliminate or mitigate risk that could result in schedule delays or failure to meet specification or design plan requirements.
8. Win New Business: Contribute technical input, as well as material and labor cost estimates in support of tactical business opportunities and proposals.
9. Education: Work to train and educate less senior engineers and technicians on technical skills and knowledge.



1. Bachelor’s degree
2. Approximately two or more years related engineering experience.
3. Six sigma green belt and working knowledge of Minitab or SQC Pack
4. Working knowledge of Mil-Std-883 or Mil-PRF-38534/5
5. Demonstrated ability to develop, articulate and present technical information in both written and verbal forms.


Contract Specialties Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We consider applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, genetic information,  or membership in any other group protected by federal, state or local law.

Job ID: 17422


Engineer, Northeast