Job: Engineering Manager Motion

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Bohemia, NY

Job Description

  • Providing leadership to the engineering teams responsible for the design of high-reliability motion control products for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.
  • Responsible for leading and managing multi-functional teams for developing new products and sustaining legacy products.
  • Manage multiple teams involved in analog, digital and mixed signal designs, related to Motion Control, Motion Feedback, Synchro/Resolver, ICs, and ASICs. Oversee all aspects of the development process from conception to release including requirements, design, implementation, verification, and qualification.
  • Facilitate the design of complex products by leading and coordinating engineering teams of varied technical disciplines through clearly documented architectural level design documents. Lead the decision and tradeoff process for issues that cross hardware/software or other technical discipline boundaries.
  • Develop creative approaches that favorably optimize complex design tradeoffs for various elements of a design such as product cost, performance, feature set, time to market, and technical risk.
  • Understand the competitive market landscape for products being developed through marketing inputs, review and analysis of competitive products, and in some cases, customer interviews.
  • Implement innovative approaches and develop clearly written design specifications that ensure Companies products are designed to succeed in the market relative to their technical performance, feature set, cost and time to market goals.
  • Develop plans, schedules, and identify resources required to develop products from market requirement through product release. Identify risk areas and develop contingency plans to eliminate or mitigate risk that could result in schedule delays or failure to meet specification or design plan requirements.
  • Conceive methods for achieving product requirements and specifications using appropriate circuit design, process, manufacturing and mechanical techniques. Anticipate possible difficulties and develop alternate methods.
  • Work with other departments as appropriate to lead vendor or engineering outsource selection decisions based on uniform technical performance, risk and cost tradeoffs for procurement and design decisions on all products or services including major design projects such as ASIC design.
  • Contribute technical input to proposals, as well as material and labor cost estimates in support of winning tactical business opportunities and proposals.
  • Mentor, coach, and train less senior engineers to facilitate their ability to progress to higher levels of technical and professional achievement.
  • Take the initiative to research, develop, propose, evaluate and/or implement new methods, processes, techniques, tools, components, or technology that improve quality, timeliness and/or performance of Companies products or the efficiency or cost effectiveness of Companies engineering work.
  • Do performance appraisals of assigned engineering staff in a way that promotes overall performance growth of the department.
  • Conduct in-depth technical interviews and make assessments and recommendations that support the hiring of capable and talented technical staff in Engineering and other departments.

 Secondary Duties:

  • Develop technical strategies coordinated with Marketing and/or Sales in support of Companies business goals.
  • Make technical presentations to customers that directly support the winning of new business for Companies.
  • Participate in technical meetings with various standards setting organizations to influence technical committee decisions in a way that are coordinated with Companies business strategies.
  • Visit and review suppliers’ facilities and capabilities and make a recommendation on their suitability for an identified Companies need. Seek opportunities for Companies to improve their technology or process capability through these audits.
  • Conduct field or outside lab tests and evaluations of customers use and application of Companies products. Analyze how customers use Companies products and seek opportunities to make product improvements based on field application information that could provide a marketable advantage.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or similar field of studies is required. Graduate degree desirable.
  • Fifteen (15) or more years of experience in analog and digital circuit design and mixed signal design, including analog to digital conversion, processors, and I/O communications and discrete I/Os.
  • Five (5) or more years of engineering management experience in analog/digital/mixed signal designs
  • Experience in power electronics design, thermal analysis, electrical stress analysis, worst case analysis, FMEA analysis, tolerance analysis, aging analysis and EMI analysis.
  • Familiarity with MIL-STD-1275/704 and DO-160 DC and AC input power specifications, familiarity with DC/DC converters.
  • Experience with Power devices Mosfet, IGBT, SiC and GaN.
  • Ability to debug and successfully resolve hardware/firmware issues in new and existing products using tools such as Oscilloscope, Analyzers, DMM, etc.
  • Experience with CAD tools such as LT-Spice, P-Spice, OrCAD, Mozaix, Allegro and Pantheon are desirable
  • Familiarity with multiple communication protocols including CAN, RS232/422/485, SPI, JTAG, PCI, PCIe, 1G/10G Ethernet.
  • Experienced in PWB layout techniques for determining current density requirements and voltage breakdown requirements in power distribution systems. Layout techniques for passing MIL-STD-461 and DO-160 EMI requirements.
  • Experience in space level radiation hardness, ionizing radiation, single event upset and total dose analysis for component selection
  • Experience with Motor control simulation including Matlab Simulink or equivalent.
  • Control theory and Matrix mathematics including Z domain transform for digital control.
  • Experience in A/D conversion and sensors, including LVDT, Resolvers and Encoders.
  • Knowledge of Clark and Park transform theory
  • Experience with Siemens Mixed Signal Solution (Sedit, AFS, Symphony, Ledit), Cadence Mixed Signal Solution (Virtuoso Schematic and Layout Editor, Spectre Simulator), Behavioral Modeling with Verilog, VerilogA and VerilogAMS
  • Experience with Circuits: ADC (SAR, Pipeline), DAC, Bandgap, Oscillators, Opamps, Switched Capacitor Circuits, Power Management (Buck, Boost, LDO, Charge Pump)
  • Deep understanding of CMOS device physics, device modeling, device noise parameters, inductor modeling.
  • Direct tape-out experience with major foundries of front-end circuits, amplifiers, PLL, VGA, filter, TIA, and/or other baseband analog blocks.
  • Due to US export control laws, candidates must be US Citizens, Permanent Residents or Green Card Holders
  • Contract Specialties Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We consider applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, genetic information,  or membership in any other group protected by federal, state or local law.

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Engineering Management, Northeast