Job: Custodian

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Rockledge, FL

Job Description

Primarily responsible for maintaining the facility and premise in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors, washing walls, windows, glass, and removing trash/recycling. Will perform routine maintenance activities and notify management of any need for repairs. 

  • Must be able to clean using correct cleaning solutions to avoid damage to furniture or property
  • Must be able to read chemical and any hazard labels to adhere to safe practice
  • Must be able to lift 30lbs+
  • Basic computer skills
  • Valid FL Drivers License required

 Education:  Minimum three (3) year of janitorial experience

Essential Job Duties:

  • Clean facility floors by sweeping, mopping, and/or vacuuming (where applicable)
  • Service, clean and supply restrooms and break room
  • Clean windows, glass surface, and mirrors
  • Clean and polish furniture and fixtures
  • Utilize appropriate cleaning solutions for the job
  • Setup, arrange, and remove decorations/tables/chairs for company events
  • Move heavy furniture, equipment, and supplies either manually or by using company equipment (as applicable)
  • Gather and empty trash
  • Collect and take out cardboard and recycling
  • Perform periodic local delivery/pick up
  • Perform disinfecting wipe down of frequently touched surfaces several times daily
  • Ensures safety rules are followed                                                                                                                         
  • Participate in company or special training classes with emphasis on employee improvement
  • May be required to make local deliveries or pick up from time to time
  • Perform other reasonable duties as assigned
  • Regular attendance

Essential skills and experience:

  • Requires resolve to follow through until satisfactory results are met
  • Attention to detail to perform spot cleaning
  • Ability to maintain organization of maintenance closet supplies
  • Ability to utilize all tools and equipment for maintaining facility and premise clean
  • Must have initiative to check and follow up on areas for cleaning including floors, furniture, walls, ceiling etc.
  • Ability to lift minimum of 30lbs
  • Ability to identify and report possible repairs of equipment, tools, or facility
  • Ability to be flexible with work schedule
  • Ability to follow direction from management
  • Ability to work well independently and within a team
  • Commitment to company values
  • Basic computer proficiency: ability to use time tracking software
  • Ability to carry out light maintenance and repairs for building or plumbing
  • Physical demands and work environment: 

 Physical demands: while performing the duties of this job, employee may be required to walk, sit, crouch, climb, and maneuver body as needed to perform cleaning duties. Will be on feet most of shift with hand tool use. May be required to lift up to 30+ pounds.

Work environment: while performing the duties of this job, employee will be in a manufacturing floor setting under fluorescent lighting and company radio. Maintenance extends to conference rooms, open offices, and premise around the facility building. May be required to perform cleaning duties at off-site location from time to time.

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Job ID: 17704